Disability and social service links – 11 May

Lots of housing news around, with this report from Anglicare WA having a look at public perceptions about homelessness and public housing.

The Senate inquiry into affordable housing has been released, with a call for renting to be taken seriously as a long term housing option. National Shelter, fresh from providing expert advice on all things housing related, has a call to action to organisations to support their fight against funding cuts.

Looks like Australian Hearing may not be privatised after all and here are the details from the Finance Department.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission again proves how effective it is with this compliance report.

ACOSS call for an increase in Newstart as part of tomorrow’s budget and here are the asks from PWDA.

Have you caught up with the #JustJustice campaign over at Croakey?

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Disability and social service links – 5 May

Thomas Banks is raising funds to finish a film about sex and disability.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Editorial from 1981 about the Jerry Lewis US telethon for muscular dystrophy is worth revisiting, as it comes to an end, as are the words of the so-called ‘Jerry’s Kids.’

Yet more delays in sorting out paying people a fair wage, with the Australian Human Rights Commission extending the time to sort it out.

Some ideas to make dealing with telcos easier for people who are deaf and blind.

Uber has launched a ‘disability-friendly‘ service, called UberASSIST and is calling for drivers with accessible vehicles to get involved. No mention if the rates are going to be different, or if the app is accessible, but they’ve put captions and audio on the blog post.

ACOSS weighs into the debate about ‘Struggle Street’, while the Telegraph does a double-backflip with pike stick up for poor people, and the SMH gets a bit anthropological about those people way out there.

The submissions are in for the NDIS quality and standards consultation process.

(CN: abuse, death) This story, from Rick Morten, about Peta Doig, shows how much more there is to tell about abuse of disabled people. Sam Conner has been digging and digging to find out more about her life.

Jax Jackie Brown talks about what it’s like to have to justify her existence.

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