Grey Light Disco, or what you missed in Hansard last week

I like reading Hansard. I know, that makes me a very strange human, but I am always intruiged by the little nuggets of life that appear long after Question Time is over and the Gallery is back to developing their latest group-think.

Statements from Members (in the Federal Parliament) give HoR folks a chance to highlight something going on in their electorates. And for that something to be recorded for posterity.

Here’s a prime example from last week, May 10:

“Forde Electorate: Grey Light Disco
Mr VAN MANEN (Forde) (13:54): [edit]
I would also like to touch on an Australian first in Logan: the first ever grey light disco. The event was supported last Friday by the Crestmead 40+ Club in conjunction with the Crestmead PCYC with the help of Sergeant Mel Cowie to involve members of the over-40s community. My congratulations go to the President of the Crestmead 40+ Club, Robyn Gallen; The Vice-President, Gene Wright; and the event mastermind, Karen Cavanaugh, who is both the treasurer and an avid volunteer at the Crestmead PCYC. Well done.”

And, lo and Google behold, there’s a gallery in the Courier Mail and a piece in the local paper. So an eagle-eyed electoral staffer, reading the local paper, whips out a quick speech for the local Member. One of the many reasons why local media can be useful.

More on that another time.


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