Why one thing is not like another

Despite a comprehensive rebuttal of the ridiculous claims by the so-called ‘Doctors for the Family’ about children in same-sex families by That’s My Philosophy, (and later reported in Crikey), ABC Radio, yet again, posited that there was some validity to their claims and gave them an airing yesterday afternoon.

It’s time to call enough on this nonsense about balance. I know I am far from the first to say this, with better people than I articulating this on everything from vaccinations to climate change, but it is now getting ridiculous. Now, any half baked assertion can be broadcast as though it has equal weight to a well researched study or scientific expertise.

Basic Google skills by reporters would show up the flaws in faux-science that is just a mask for bigotry and hate. But once a media outlet with credibility reports the claims, they can take on the legitimacy of the outlet. The ABC, by giving them airtime, validates what they say. That isn’t balance. That’s just facilitating hate.

And if anyone doesn’t think that it causes harm, then I ask you to watch this with a dry eye or a hardened heart. What parent should ever have to answer this question on national television?


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