So now the refugee narrative is #blamethegreens

I don’t often (never) read the Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph, but I did happen upon this piece by the redoubtable Gemma Jones yesterday.

THEY headed to Australia dreaming of a new life – but after surviving one of Australia’s worst asylum boat disasters, they were thankful just to be alive.

I was immediately struck by the change of tone from Ms Jones, given her previous stellar reporting on the outrageous, luxurious lifestyle of people seeking asylum in Australia.

Even her later editorial, (despite the charming heading of ‘Dead in the Water’) conceded that there are no simple ‘stop the boats’ policy fixes to stop desperate people risking their lives to flee persecution. (Sorry, can’t find it online.)

Perhaps, this time, there are just too many dead people for the usual Telegraph shenanigans. But gee, that’s stopped them in the past, not.

What’s not online, are two little break out boxes about what the ALP and LNP policies are, and make it clear that current rules are because of the Greens.

With Abbott stuck in his own policy-free-zone, and the ALP too frightened of their own Westie shadow to challenge them with any credibility, now the high intellects of #auspol and other erstwhile comment threads claim that it is the fault of the Greens for being so damn compassionate.

Even people who should know better, and those that have their own barrow to push, are full of advice and very little understanding of what would be an effective policy.

I don’t think the Greens policies are to blame. People seeking refuge do it for different reasons and above all, do not deserve further suffering or the awful catastrophe of last week when trying to find safety.

Instead, I’ll go with those who know better.


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4 Responses to So now the refugee narrative is #blamethegreens

  1. margo kingston says:

    Hi. Came here because you decided to follow me, I know not why. I feel the Greens do need to reassess their policy, because it does nothing to stop the risk of death at sea on leaky boats. I would like the Greens and Labor to find a solution, and that means the Greens must agree to offshore processing in some form.

    • bluntshovels says:

      Hi Margo, and welcome to the shovel pit. I am torn on this whole issue, in a way I haven’t been for many years, but I do agree that the Greens attitude has been less than helpful.
      Off-shore processing brings back the spectres of people trapped on Manus Island and Nauru, yet there must be some policy that will stop people making the desperate decision to get on a boat. I just don’t know.

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