A journalism experiment

Inspired by recent posts from Mr Denmore, Grog’s Gamut (particularly in comments here), Margo Kingston and Andrew Elder, I’ve been thinking about how bloggers could penetrate that privileged, traditional media space to engage with politics as more than commentators on MSM articles.

While there are some public tools, such as Hansard and the amazing teams at Parliaments around the nation, who facilitate access to committees and legislation, and the 24 hour news outlets for some press conferences and live events, bloggers are not part of the daily political news making cycle.

There are no boxes on the interwebs for staffers to drop media alerts into. No live streaming of door-stops or staged media events. While there are some comms folks who are keen to engage a little differently, they are rare.

So, I’m going to do a bit of an experiment, to see what’s possible and to explore another model for engagement between online media and politics.

I’m interested in the Greens, how they work and what goes on behind the scenes. I know I’m hardly Robinson Crusoe on this, but I’m coming from a different angle. As someone on the progressive side of politics, the Greens offer one of the few political voices on issues I care about. However, there are many misconceptions about internal Greens dilemmas and few people willing to discuss them openly, especially from the left.

A couple of sources recently opened a small window into those internal struggles, and I’m keen to know more.

The Greens, all over Australia, are currently having their main political game – Senate preselections for their lead candidates for 2013. Each State and Territory does it differently and I’m interested in teasing out more about what that says about the different cultures within the Greens.

So, I’ve sent a series of questions to each State and Territory office, and to one Senator or lead Senate candidate for each one. Already, the Queensland Greens have come back with comprehensive answers, and even let me do a follow up one!

Let’s see if this experiment has some legs and if there are some politicians and political parties willing to try something new.


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