Fantasy Parliament: Round 1

After the multiple debacles of the previous sitting of Federal Parliament, I was pondering over the weekend, as I dug, composted and pruned the garden, what I would actually like to see happen in this session.

The Notice Paper is up, with a couple of bits of legislation and a truckload of annual reports, inquiry findings and other documents to be tabled. And while my wonky heart knows there will be nuggets of juicy policy goodness hidden in all those reports that no one in the Gallery will read, I want to kick off a different conversation.

So, today, let’s have a crack at a fantasy parliament; in the mode of fantasy football. Same kind of rules apply. You can pick your team from any of the current players, but can’t import new players. The basic rules of play can be built on, within reason; or altered altogether, with justification and evidence.

In terms of legislation, this is where I’m going to put in some work, rather than just the fun of imagining Christopher Pyne, Sarah Hanson-Young and Bob Katter on the same political team. I’ll put up some ideas and evidence for my pet policy areas and hope you’ll do the same. Feel free to comment here, or link to your own posts.

This was the reasonable fantasy list I came up with so far:

  • Reform to negative gearing so it only applies to improvements to houses for energy and water efficiency and renewable energy production;
  • Mandated production/supply of low-cost, low energy usage appliances;
  • Reopening of all regional freight rail lines, with investment in missing links in system;
  • Health prevention policy based on social determinants of health data.

I’ll flesh each of these out, in terms of evidence and costings, in the next few days, but keen also to see what you come up with.


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