Writing around the place update

I’ve got a summary of the Budget impacts on people with disabilities over at ABC RampUp and a collaboration with Simon Copland looking at what privatisation of disability services might mean at SBS News.

I also have been wondering about what it means with the Government has a welfare review without talking to the welfare sector at the King’s Tribune.

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One Response to Writing around the place update

  1. Les Hems says:

    Thanks for the SBS article on NDIS. Agree with concerns but there is a Third-way using co-operative and mutual structures. The Green Paper just released by the Public Service Mutual Task Force considers the problems with privatising and outsourcing through for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and points to the comparative advantage of co-ops and Mutuals and offers some strategies for expanding public service mutuals. There is a system level case study on NDIS in the report which you might find interesting!
    We have also set up an online survey to capture feedback from all interested parties.
    We are particularly keen to explore the potential of consumer coops which will give PWD real choice and control, and employe owned coops where care workers can have control over delivering high quality services whilst earning a good wage.

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