Disability and social services links – 16 March

This is something I’m trying out – I’m aiming to get these out on Mondays, so if you spy something of interest, flick it my way at blunt.shovels [at] gmail.

How to make the ICT at your workplace work for people with disabilities.

There’s a big conference on this week in Melbourne about the NDIS that, ahem, is not exactly putting disabled people front and centre. Jax Jackie Brown has a bit to say (Facebook link) about this, and won in the end.

Are people with disabilities included in disaster planning? Kelly Vincent, the South Australian MP, has been doing some really interesting work around this.

Concerns about how the NDIS will fund aids and equipment.

How will the NDIS work with ‘people on the fringe‘ – for example, people with an intellectual disability, drug and alcohol issues and contact with the justice system.

Have your say on how quality should be measured within the NDIS – submission guidelines here.

The government response to the NSW inquiry into social housing (PDF) has been delayed until after the election.

VCOSS gets its priorities in before the first Victorian Labor budget.

Three charities are deregistered after an ACNC investigation. I wonder if Morrison is as committed to getting rid of this organisation as Andrews was?

Current inquiries going on by the community affairs committee and the transcripts from estimates from the most recent sessions are now up.


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