Disability and social services links – 30 March

Consultation is going on now about how to make sure that there are safety and quality standards for the NDIS. Submissions close on 30 April.

The National Ethnic Community Alliance, and many other cross disability groups have called for the end to mandatory detention for people with disabilities.

Excellent report from Infoxchange and ConnectingUp about the ICT challenges (PDF) for the community sector, but it does seem very familiar reading if you know the 2008 report from NCOSS.

And speaking of ConnectingUp, they run a great conference for NGO geeks – in Adelaide this year in May.

Have a read about the different ways people with disabilities use language to describe themselves. (In Australia it alternates between people with disabilities and disabled people, depending on the context and who is saying it.)

Rod Pyne got elected to represent Cairns in the Queensland election, depite having some seriously awful crap leveled at him in the days before the election.

Know any disabled philosophers who Shelley Tremain might like to interview for her series ‘Dialogues and Disabilities’?

Want to see some disabled bodies in a way you probably haven’t seen them before? Check this out. (NSFW)

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