Disability and social services links – 14 April

Making people with disabilities invisible – Christina Ryan calls bullshit on ‘lived experience’.

Next week, CEDA (Committee for Economic Development in Australia) will release a report on economic disadvantage.

New paper on digital inequalities and a call to action.

Critique of the social services sector from a former strategic communications director of the Business Council of Australia.

Alice Wong has a look at accessibility in social media, and shows how she’s facilitating people to have their say. Disabled people are innovative, who knew?!

Ricky, over at AtMac does an excellent regular round-up of accessibility issues for Macs.

Disability abuse inquiry – major content note – the following links contain graphic descriptions of abuse and neglect of people with disabilities.

Here’s the full text from the Bolshy Divas of the 40 stories they told the Senate inquiry on Friday.

Rick Morten did a Storify of the Tweets, then wrote it up for the Oz. He’s followed up today with details of one of the submissions. The ABC also ran a report, as did the West Australian, PerthNow, and WAToday. I’ll update this post when the transcript is available.

If you want to know why this inquiry is needed, have a look here, and if you want to make a submission, you can do it here.

PWDA is also running a support program for disabled people who were abused as a child in an institution who want to tell their story to the Royal Commission.

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