Disability and social services links – 20 April

Last week’s meeting of COAG was about more than GST squabbling, with new NDIS launch sites announced for Queensland and the Northern Territory. (Note all the maybes and mights in those announcements – read the whole thing here to see that the leaders agreed to just ‘discuss’ further sites.)

The Human Rights commission has opened an inquiry into employment discrimination for older people and people with a disability, so sign up to find out when they are taking submissions.

Samantha Conner is asking really good questions about the possibilities of the NDIS.

The US is also looking at ‘sheltered workshops‘, as is Australia – have a look at PWDA’s campaign page, Wage Justice.

The Productivity Commission put out a report a few weeks back that looked at public housing and employment.

There’s a new taskforce on housing, headed up by Victorian Treasurer, but it’s not clear what it will actually do, and the guidelines and membership are, ahem, absent.

ACOSS calls for negative gearing and capital gains tax to be reduced, putting $7 billion in the budget each year, which has quickly been ruled out by the Government. With the Assistant Treasurer also ruling out changes to superannuation tax concessions, where will increased revenue come from?

Alice Wong hosted a Twitter chat about disability in the Marvel verse, and after a campaign from people working to make Netflix more accessible, the new series, Daredevil, finally got audio descriptions. And in excellent timing, Media Access Australia has a new report on how accessible Australia’s television catch up services are.

The Australian Law Reform Commission has a useful look across Commonwealth law, in relation to disability. And they did an Easy English version, which should be mandatory for all government information.

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