Disability and social service links – June 1

Everyone’s getting their view out and about before the next stages of the NDIS roll out are decided. Here are some voices from Victoria, and some from Sydney which makes the next sitting of the NDIS Joint Parliamentary committee in Canberra this Friday well worth catching. The details are due to be finalised by August this year.

Really interesting thoughts about the role of NFP, the state and the dangers of commercialisation when rolling out the NDIS.

AFDO (Australian Federation of Disability Organisations) have launched a new website that aims to provide more information about the NDIS.

Get your submission in on employment and disability, or get along to a public hearing.

West Australia has its draft Disability Access and Inclusion plan out for comment, so get submissions in by 15 June.

Google’s looking at how they can help with innovation and technology, but perhaps they need to get behind this new initiative about making digital accessibility a reality.

COTA has released their budget analysis of how older people fared.

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